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Our first priority is to satisfy customers’
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UV  Cold Foil Printing

Cold foil is a special process different from traditional process. It can be divided into two types, one is cold foil stamping in pre-press , the other is cold foil after printing.  In Taiwan, the equipment and technology has been imported foil technology has been used for a long period, but most factories produce their own products without offering OEM service. Therefore you seldom see the cold foil printing in the market. Applications of cold foil range are very wide, products of printing can proclaim bright and colorful .

UV Key of cold foil

Width of cold foil : maximum of width is 74 cm, minimum of width is 54cm,total length 6000m

Width of paper : the widest paper is 74cm ,the smallest paper is 35cm

Velocity : On 31”x43” format ,10000 sheet per hour

Color : The printing process after foil star and printing units, the color would be shiny and colorful

Matte 、Glossy : We can use the last printing unit and coating unit to do some special effect like matte coating、drip-off coating or spot coating

Limitation of thickness & materials: The thickness of cold foil is from 180 g/ m² to 380g/ m². Only coated papers &coated board can use.

Application: Magazine cover, business cards, tags , catalogs, posters , paper bags, packaging boxes, bookmarks, game cards...etc.

Effects of cold foil
  • If line smaller than 0.15mm, it was easier to break line.
  • If Line width smaller than 0.2mm,line could be unclear
  • If Letters smaller than 4pt , it was easier to break line and letters unclear.
Cold foil stamping compare with hot stamping

Cold Foil Stamping

  • There is no concave on printing side
  • Papers can display gold with Multi-color by UV printing after cold foil stamping.
  • It can display multi-level with video printing
  • Cold foil can only be printed on coating papers
  • Full printing effects evenness
  • After cold foil stamping , it can do special varnishing of multi-level

hot stamping

  • There are apparent concave on printing side
  • Only gilt of gold, silver, blue gold, green gold ,red gold and laser gold color
  • It can not display multi-level
  • If papers are not coating papers, it can do hot-stamping
  • Full printing effects unevenness.
  • Papers are not easier varnishing after hot-stamping
Speedmaster XL75 function sketch

Cold foil + 3D embossing

Except the shiny effect by inline foil printing, we can also add value on product by inline drip-off coating, part varnish printing and offline embossing, 3D embossing or die cutting. It’s worth to mention about a technology developed by Bai-Sha which is [3D embossing].

Bai-Sha bought a set of special software to calculate the image provided by customers, than design the 3D image, combine carved technology to create stereoscopic printing product.

Our first priority is to satisfy customers’ needs and to provide the most professional service.


We're professional produce a broad array of commercial print products such as cosmetic packaging boxes, drug packaging boxes, gift boxes, packaging boxes, paper bags, business cards, wedding invitation cards, brochures, posters, stickers , roller labels ,large format . Welcome for any OEM order and inquiries.

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